Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Future Husband 2....

I typed this up in 2011. It's been lying around here as a draft for 2 years. People clamored on Facebook for a part 2. I guess I could not post it because it was a lot more mushy than the first where I was demanding and snotty.

Dear Future Husband,

You are taking your precious time, I have met a couple of frogs and some of them were mine.....

May I call you DFH?

I might prove to have a very tough exterior but on the inside, I'm a'm not sure I believe it but that's what most people say so I'll say it.

I dream of you nowadays. Sincerely. I know what I want you to be, don't disappoint me...
It's not bad for a girl to dream, is it?

So I don't believe in romance and I don't believe in love. If you're a good companion, you will be sent from above.

A romantic gesture for me would be slow dancing in the middle of with Lagos roads that's planning a suicide...

I love stuffed toys, perfumes, dogs and fast cars. I hate dirty houses, dirty dishes, dirty anything.

Dear Future husband, you are taking your precious time,

Dear Future Husband, I long to call you mine.....

A Comeback? Maybe?

I have been wondering what it would feel like to blog again. I have not posted anything on line except of course my twitter feed, which in itself I have contributed to sparingly, in 2 years. There is no one here, anyway. Those who I used to thirst for their blog posts have long stopped blogging. What would be the use? Sharing my thoughts with an echo?

An echo so loud, the cacophony occupies your thoughts, making you think of nothing other than the resounding silence that precedes the outpour of your innermost thoughts, the outflow of emotion.

I remember logging on last year and as if with a vengeance, deleting loads and loads of posts. Almost so my future employer would not run into any of my former blog posts and decide not to employ me.

Okay seriously, some of my former blog posts just read embarrassing!

I can't laugh. Now, I call myself a writer. I read what I wrote in the past and I cringe. I couldn't even take time to capitalize what needed to be capitalized and I used many many contractions. I still do. Don't blame me. Blogging was a semi formal sort of place, in fact it was an informal place one could pour what ever needed pouring. And I poured. I remember spewing stuff about painful break ups and letting go of relationships that hurt. I read some blogs now and I see the same pattern and I know...

.......This jero just started blogging...

There are some blogs I read and I end up being impressed. Some people caught on really late to the blogging thing and they are doing a pretty decent job of it. This morning, I thought again about it, even if I wanted to come back, what do I make this blog about? Do I continue with the randomness that I have sustained since 2007 on this space where I used to vent everything and anything.

Before I ramble on about nothing, I am trying to decide, do I make a come back or not?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Future Husband

 Dear Future Husband,

I am writing this note to you because in my life have been described as eccentric or just plain weird even though I consider myself quite plain simple. This situation made me decide to give you some pointers on how to go about dealing with the personality that is me in a manner that will make both our lives easier especially when living under the same roof.

Dear Future Husband, you should have realised in the pre knowing me phase that detest being "toasted". The "Hey baby" "Ii miiss you" and all that rubbish seems to fly over my head like a flock of geese. I know lines when I hear them and I am quiiiite plain spoken so I would have probably said to you once or twiice in the "pre knowing" me stage to just stop all that silliness. Even the words "I love you" *grimace*, "can't do without you", "can't get you out of my mind"...*insert barfing sound*. oh well, if you do become my DFH, all these lines stay far far away so we have a happy marriage ok?

Dear Future Husband, Can I call you DFH?

I am not a morning person! if you ever, even by mistake, happen to see the face I make when I am woken in the early hours of the day, and by early, I am reffering to hours before 11 am, please do not panic. For some really awful reason, I find it almost impossible to function anytime before midday so I am grouchy in the morning, sorry, can't put two coherent thoughts together or be bothered to put a smile oon my face. That said, If by any chance you were expecting "sunny side up" for breakfast, please dump those evil thoughts now! Talking about breakfast, could you handle it? I promise that Lunch, Dinner, Midnight snacks will be the complete epitome of fabulosity but breakfast? *shudders*

DFH, despite the "goings on" about little things and how men seem t have been created without the little things button and all the self help books on how good wives ignore the little things and not let it get to them? Trust me DFH, the little things will matter with me. DFH, leaving the toilet seat up, I'm not even going to assume that you would mess it up, squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle and not the bottom, YES! Those little things! They will drive me crazier than a mad woman who saw her period. DFH, my crazy buttons are highly functional so if you see me piick up that annoying tube of paste and just squish it and stomp on it repeatedly or slam the lid of the WC dowN and jump up and dooown on it like a monkey while hollering at the top of my lungs UP!  DOOWN! UP! DOWN! DOOWN! DOWN! you shoould know DFH, that enough is enooough.

DFH, I know this is a lot to swallow all at once so I have decided to give it to you in very small doses. Don't mind me, might prove to have a tough exterior but on  the inside I'm a softie. Looking forward to meeting you tho'. Haven't met you yet, I'm afraid.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I rising from the ashes or did I just forget to dust?

I completely stole that title. It was really catchy when I saw it. Guess it just struck mw cos it kinda applied to me as well.

A friend of mine accused me quite recently of being a recluse or was it turning into a hermit he called it? I forget.

Another friend, this one I kinda have a crush on calls me antisocial everytime he sees me. So I decided to do something about it. First, I had to figure out what it was that made me comfortable in my house than in the outside world. And sadly, it is not just more my house I'm comfortable in. I have this affection for staying within the confines of my room even when Im in my house. Just 3 days ago I was leaving the living room after getting caught up by some of the drama on Big brother and my kid brother broke into applause.

I stared at him wondering if he had gone off his rocker, only for him to declare 'she spent 3 straight hours in the parlour! the world is coming to an end! tut tut tut...

So, what was holding me back? I am naturally a shy individual...I can see some jaws dropping in, I'm shy and would rather remain quiet until provocated...*big grin*
but is that enough to keep me on the inside? I realised that until some of my girlfriends saved me from utter misery early this month, I hadnt seen a movie at the cinemas in almost a year. I haven't had a pizza in 2 years and No! I wasn't watching my weight so wipe that silly smirk off your faces. Clubs have never been my scene though I absolutely adore dancing, I get my groove on in my room. Exschoolnerd invited me once for "Sundays at the Bay" but my non chalant mumble (oomph) both times she did probably made her stop . No vex love,My entertainment is through my Laptop and my blackberry...smh...

The list is endless! Ma elder sister who is supposed to be the socially awkward one, though she makes friends at the drop of a hat has gone bowling and go cart racing so many times in the last 2 years! I have done none of those things and its 2011!

So what happened to me in the past two years? I forgot to dust! Time just kept passing me by and I got too preoccupied with what was going on in my life, I just didnt take the time to try to have fun. I have to conciously remind myself to make an effort. This last two years have gone by so fast and if I continue like this, there'll be two more years passing me by.

I know there are probably folks out there whose cases might be worse than mine or similar to mine, now before we become old maids with crochet pins and knitting wool on a rocking chair in one dusty corner of a musty old attic, lets shake off the gathering cobwebs, try to have fun once in a while, make an extra effort to make a friend, do more than stare at your pc or blackberry all day, get a little human contact as well. find a spot you can relax and have a lil fun, be it a spa, bowling alley, coffee shop, Pizza parlour, Dancehall, anywhere you can, just dont forget to dust!

That reminds me, Taruwa! Another thing I haven't done in 2 years!

By the way, I saw this HTC smartphone last week..broke one of the ten commandments immediately..nah, not Thou shall not steal silly, the other one..The one on Coveteousness...That's completely by the way...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

When I remember

When  I remember
The touch of your hands
The sound of your voice
When remember this
I miss you

The lilt of your laughter
Your wacky character
When I remember this
I miss you

Your reasoning
Yoour passio
Your reasoning, your compassion
Your love for passion
When  I remember this
I miss you

Your sincere complexity,
Your terrible oddity
When I remember this
I miss you

Your passion, your gaze
Your heat, your embrace
When I remember this
I miss you

My trouble,your war
MY struggle,your sore
When I remember this
When I remember......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Keep me in your heart for a while

Keep me in your heart for a while
The warmth in there doth make me smile
Its only your love that makes me whole
It reaches right down to my soul
In your heart,my heart resides
Your love in my heart abides

Keep me in your heart for a while
I'm willing to be cuddled up there like a child
Safe and warm, carressed by your gentle touch
Your touch that I crave for so much

Keep me in your heart for a while,
Forget me not, don't say goodbye
Even though I'm lost, I'm gone
Your heart will be my everlasting sun
My footprints on the sands of time
Carved out by each step I took
While amongst you on this nook

Keep me in your heart for a while
Forget me not, don't say goodbye
Even though the night has come
And I never again see the sun
Even though my body's gone
To worlds unknown,To worlds forgone
As I walk down this final aisle
Keep me in your heart for a while

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How long has it been?

Presently listening to Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey talking about words that were never said. I really do not fancy drowning in regret.I have missed being here and pouring out the words I never had the guts to say, or really thought were unnecesary at the time to avoid some sort of confrontation.

So after two years of being away from my blog, Im back. Applause? Anyone?

All I can hear is an echo, as usual...funny, seems a lot of us abandoned bloggsville at the same time. At least all the people that made blogsville fun for me when i started scribbling in 2007.

2011, lets see how long I can keep this up....